ALFAOMEGA S.A. is transacting business in the field of logistics specializing in medicines. It is an utterly Greek company, which was founded in 2008 in Kryoneri of Attica. In 2008 its rapid development led to the creation of new, comfortable and modern premises in Aspropyrgos of Attica. Thanks to the high specialization of its personnel, the dedication to its targets and by setting high standards throughout the whole procedure of storing and promoting the medical products, it has managed, within a short time, to acquire a significant portion of the market, having made deals with great international companies in the field of Health Care. Moreover, it is worth noting that the establishment of ALFA OMEGA S.A. was based solely on its own funds.


Our contribution to the human Health Care constitutes our vision. It is our ambition to develop and progress continually, achieving stable, long run cooperations. We keep listening to the new needs springing up in the field of logistics and through the continual education of our people, we are aiming at the greater satisfaction of our clients. In our opinion, we want the development, as well as the successful and mutually beneficial cooperations to come as a reward for the strict observance of the good practices G.D.P.



Even if ALFAOMEGA S.A. can count only a few years of existence, its people, however, comprise lots of years of experience and successful career in the field of medicines. Our executives stand out for their devotion and their high specialisation. Furthermore, the special attributes of the goods that we store and transport, demand people of a certain perception of their role.

4.000.000 €


16.625 sq.m.


496 pallet capacity




The new privately owned premises of the AlfaOmega were built from the start, taking into consideration all the demands of the modern methods of storage and deliverance of the health products.

More specifically:

  • Receiving, storage and distribution are conducted under the appropriate environmental conditions
  • Cool Chain procedure is observed whenever needed (+2o C- +8o C)
  • Special storage spaces have been assigned (for drugs, rejects, spray, etc.)
  • There are special regulations and equipment for restoring electricity in case of a black out.
  • Backup of the daily, indoors and outdoors activities, is kept for the prompt information retrieval, in case of damage.


ALFAOMEGA S.A. is certified for the procedures and the methods it has been applying:


EN ISO 9001: 2008 EN ISO 1385: 2003 H.A.C.C.P. GDP

Proud member of CCA